Stories and Jokes


“It’s a bird!”  “It’s a plane!”  It’s Concorde!”  No, not this time – at least not the now retired British Airways/Air France supersonic, 100-seater jetliner.  ‘Concorde’ was the nickname given to the $100 note when it was first introduced into circulation.  This was in appreciation of the the fact that the real Concorde had a capacity for 100 hundred passengers (and maybe the fact also that as in the present time the $100 note could be spent in a flash).
          In those bygone days, representatives could draw their Unit members’ pay in bulk and deliver it to the account holders who turned in their books.  This procedure was a remnant of the old pay parade where soldiers used to sign and declare “Pay is correct, Sir”.
          One day bulk pay was collected by the Orderly Sgt, Cpl “Nosey” Brown.  While Cpl Brown was away one Military Policeman, LCpl Wright, who was on duty at the Ministry National Security at the Kingston Mall, contacted the Duty room via radio.  After the usual procedure of estabishing communication was completed Wright said, “Kindly advise me when our pay has arrived in that location. Over”.
          “Roger. Out”, replied the Duty NCO.

          Shortly afterwards "Nosey" arrived with the bulk pay and having sorted out the respective books, Wright’s being among them.  Wright’s passbook and pay were secured along with others, and the duty NCO then re-established radio contact with the Ministry.
          “Hello, Uniform 1 Alpha, this is Uniform Alpha. Over.”

         “Uniform 1 Alpha. Send. Over”, was the curt response.

         “Uniform Alpha.  Be advised that Concrode has landed in this location. Over”.

There was a moment of laughter, then Wright’s unmistakable voice came over the  radio.  “Uniform Alpha.  Allow Concorde to crash in this location.   Over”.   The Duty NCO responded, “Uniform 1 Alpha.  Wilco.  Out”.