Championship Trophies Retained

The finals of the Force Volleyball Championships 2009, held 21 August at the JDF Air Wing saw the males of Support and Services Battalion (Sp and Svcs Bn) beating the males of the First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment (1JR) 2-0. The Sp and Svcs Bn females were not as lucky as their male counterparts as the females of 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) thrashed them 2-0 to cop the coveted championship trophy.

The 2009 victories improved the Support and Services male team and the female Engineers’ records and marked their six and fifth straight win, respectively, in Force Volleyball games.

The semi-finals were very competitive, as the stars of the JDF shone in their full brilliance.   The games saw the male and female teams playing to best of five sets and best of three sets, respectively.

The first semi-final male kicked off as 1JR came up against 1 Engr Regt (JDF).   But amidst the Engineers’ technicalities, their tactical efforts were unable to stamp out the First and Foremost to find a place in the finals.   The game ended in a stunning 3-1 victory in favour of 1JR.

The game of the day was the ‘final of finals’ between favourites Sp and Svcs Bn and 1JR as the top players came out in their numbers.   Key players Lance Corporals Scott, Taits and Maxwell were unable to hold up their Regiment’s Motto First and Foremost as Sp and Svcs Bn’s Lance Corporals Wishart and Bonner and Private Rose did not fail in Serving to Support each other to a superb victory in their best of three finals.

The other final was between all time champions 1 Engr Regt (JDF) and Sp and Svcs Bn female teams. The Engineers proved to their opponents their unbeatable status with a 2-0 win.     

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) female was awarded to Second Lieutenant Tara Price of 1Engr Regt (JDF) and MVP male was awarded to Corporal Christopher Christie of    HQ JDF Int Unit.

Captain (N) Sydney Innis, Inspector General, congratulated all who participated and made the event a success. He spoke to the importance of sports to the social, physical and mental well-being of the Force. “Sports is very important in the Force and time has to be made for it.”