The JDF is proud of its sporting record from its national level sportsmen and women.   The Sport section showcases the wide variety of sports that are available in the JDF.

Since the inception of the Jamaica Defence Force, sports has played an important role in the maintenance of discipline, team work, esprit- de-corps, cooperation and sportsmanship. The individual achievements of many persons in the various sporting events is indeed remarkable. It is important however to highlight that many of these individuals were identified, encouraged, honed and trained by some enthusiastic sports officers and Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) of the JDF.

No efficient military force ever underrates the value of personal fitness and sports in various forms has always helped towards this end. The JDF recognises sports as an essential ingredient for training. The JDF Sports Board is the governing body representing every sport which is played within the JDF.

The physical fitness of soldiers, sailors and airmen is of top priority in any armed force. Participation in especially team sports is constantly encouraged as this fosters comradeship, esprit-de-corps and team work - the essential ingredients in battle.