March and Shoot Competition

The March and Shoot trophy is one the top prizes that units vie for annually and where their teams first distinguish themselves.  It is held on day one of the competition and demands a high level of physical fitness and shooting skills at team level. The main challenge is completing the route march, approximately 8 km/5 miles long, which starts at the Caymanas Polo Club and ends on the Twickanham Park Range.  Each team is expected to complete the route in 50 minutes or less, and then muster the necessary energy and skill to effectively engage the targets on the range.

The Third Battalion The Jamaica Regiment (National Reserve) won this trophy and the Second Battalion The Jamaica Regiment placed second.

A proud 3rd Battalion The Jamaica Regiment
(National Reserve), winners of the
March and Shoot competition.

The Chief of Defence Staff, Major General
Stewart Saunders, presents the winning trophy to
Sergeant Wayne Russell of the Third Battalion
The Jamaica Regiment (National Reserve).

On the range, the teams have to negotiate
placed obstacles before engaging their targets.

Soldiers repacking after their kit check,
which is carried out prior to the start of the route march.

Team supporters from the Support and Services Battalion
and One Engineer Regiment (Jamaica Defence Force)
escort their teams to the finish line.