“Blazing guns”

By Corporal Joseph Lewis
Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force (Civil Military Affairs)

With a lot of enthusiasm, the competitors prepared their weapons for shooting.   They can not afford any stoppages from their weapons because it would cost them a loss of valuable points.
All of this preparation was in aid of representing their units in the Force Gun Competition at the Twickenham Park Gallery Range on 16 January 2008.

The competition saw a lot of first time competitors who were trying to make a mark for their Battalion. One such competitor was Sapper Karoe Hinds of 1Engineer Regiment
(Jamaica Defence Force) who was entering the competition for the first time.

Members of a gun team firing on the Twickenham
Park Gallery Range.

“I personally think that the shoot was a good one,” he said. “The only drawback was I did not get enough time to practice.  I think my team could have done much better if we had gotten more time to fire the gun.”
In order for an individual to be successful when shooting the gun, he must learn proper trigger control.  This comes with constant practice.   A gun team is made up of two persons, a number one and a number two. Both persons have to train together for some time in order for them to function properly as a team.

The competition was keenly contested by the competitors and this reflected in the scores.  It was only 13 points that separated the winning team from the second place team.  The event went on smoothly and came to a close with the naming of the champion gun team and the runner up gun team.
The winning Unit for the Machine Gun Competition was the First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment followed by the Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing.  The winning Machine Gun Team also came from the First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment.