By Lance Corporal Juliet Clarke,
Headquarters, Jamaica Defence Force (Civil Military Affairs)

The Royal Air Force (RAF) poured in six tries and four kicks to gain victory against the Jamaica Defence Force in a friendly rugby match held on the grounds of the Jamaica Defence Force No. 1 Hockey Field, Up Park Camp, on 16 January 2008.  The game ended 33-16.

JDF defender tried stopping the RAF runner from making a try.

 After 10 minutes into the first half, the RAF started out with a bang scoring three tries and three kicks to hold firm against the JDF.

With swift tactics and a firm hold on the ball, the JDF’s team was able to score two tries but failed to capitalize on the kicks.  The RAF team led 20-8.

Momentum rose and the teams went all out; though the sun was an inhibiting factor for the RAF team, it did not stop them from playing a superb game and taking advantage of the JDF’s weaknesses.

RAF team member tried to stop the JDF wing in his tracks.

During the 80 minutes-long game, both teams had injuries, but they both toiled on and played a tough game.

At half time music filled the air as the JDF’s team sang various chants, stamping authority on their home territory. 

As the spectators trickled in, it was evident whom the majority were rooting for.   As the teams
re-entered the field, officials of both teams went to greet them.

Members of the JDF subdued a member of the RAF team.

Captain of the RAF team Corporal Spider LeMar stated that “the game was physically challenging, but we stuck it through.” He noted that “the JDF’s team was not as quick but their defence was very good.”

The ruthlessness of the teams prevailed into the second half of the game as the teams stepped up the tempo and beefed up their defences, which led to the RAF scoring only 13 points to the JDF’s 8.

Wingman for JDF’s team stormed down field
in an attempt to score.

Both teams got physical as the sun smiled on them minutes before the last whistle signalling the end of the game.

“We did not stick to the game plan, that’s why we failed to win against the RAF team,” Corporal Hugh Williams, Captain of the JDF’s team, stated.  “But overall it was a very good match.”