By Lance Corporal Juliet Clarke,
Headquarters, Jamaica Defence Force (Civil Military Affairs)

Friendly he was when All Arms caught up with him on the No. 1 Hockey Field in front of Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force, Up Park Camp, to find out more about his esteemed career as the person in charge of Physical Education for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Air Vice-Marshall (Ret’d) Chris Davison visited Jamaica from 10-17 January 2008 with the Royal Air Force Rugby Team who were in Jamaica to promote the sport.

Air Vice-Marshall Davison greets JDF Chief of Defence Staff,
Major General Stewart Saunders (right).

Air Vice-Marshall Davison spent all his life after college in the RAF.   “I love sport and I love doing physical training,” stated Air Vice-Marshall Davison. “That’s why I choose that career in the RAF because that’s what I love to do,” he continued.

“That’s why I was not surprised when they called me and asked me to perform this job,” he said.

Although he is retired, Air Vice-Marshall Davison is still committed to the military and wants to give back to the institution that gave to him. 

“If I had the chance, I would do it all over again,” he said smiling.   “I have no regrets.”

The 60-year-old was convinced to join the RAF 40 years ago while he was in college at a presentation given by serving members and was attracted by the way of life.

After leaving Borough Road College, now Brunel University in London, Air Vice-Marshall Davison was commissioned in the RAF on 11 August 1969 at age 21.

While on his visit to Jamaica, Davison had the opportunity to view the historic site of Port Royal.   “I love it here,” Aior Vice-Marshall Davison said.   “I will definitely return to visit for a vacation,” he said

Air Vice-Marshall Davison reminisced on his visit to the Curphy Home.  Curphy Home is the residence of ex-soldiers who fought in World War I and II and some retired members of the West India Regiment.

Air Vice-Marshall Davison (centre) shakes
hands with a local rugby official.

“I was moved to be in the presence of those men,” he said.   “It is one of my most memorable experiences.”

Air Vice-Marshall Davison, over the years has served in various positions at different bases.   His first tour after his initial training was at RAF Halton, the Institute of Aviation Medicine Farnborough and RAF Hereford. 

An all-rounded sportsman, Air Vice-Marshall Davison was given the task of being the Commander of the RAF Outdoor Activity Centre in Scotland and was awarded Member of the British Empire (MBE) by The Queen, on completion of his duty at that station.

At this base the training was used as a medium for leadership training, for example, they did mountain climbing and canoeing, but these exercises were not just for fun, he said, but was used to assist them in learning how to work as a team.

Though he majored in Physical Education, Air Vice-Marshall Davison had many managerial jobs which did not include sports.

Moving up in rank, he was given more responsibilities and was expected to perform no less.   One such appointment saw him being the commander for RAF Swinderbury.

RAF Swinderby is the station that is responsible for recruit training and elementary flying training for all the men and women of the RAF.  

At this station Air Vice-Marshall Davison was responsible for the non-commissioned officers.   He was the human resource manager who was responsible for the careers and specific jobs of the soldiers and also the financial and welfare aspects of the soldiers.

While at Swinderderby in his late years, Air Vice-Marshall Davison was given the opportunity to learn to fly and was awarded his private pilot license in 1993.

Age has not been a factor for the stalwart of the military who visits the gym regular to keep in shape.   He is still active and enjoys playing golf, skiing and a little rugby.  

Air Vice Marshall Davison is married with two children, a son and a daughter.    His son Guy is 31 years and his daughter Dwe 28 years.  He is also blessed with a granddaughter Dulce.