By No Means A Circus

Sergeant Sheldon Brown
Goal Keeper, JDF Hockey team)

The Jamaica Defence Force continued its dominance of the Captain Milton Richards Memorial Six-a-side Hockey Tournament by defeating Circus Circle 2-0 in an exciting final on
Sunday 11 April 2010 at the Mona AstroTurf, St Andrew.

JDF Hockey team in the finals against Circus Circle (Red)

The tournament was held over a two-day period, which began on Saturday 10 April, and saw seventeen leading hockey teams from across the island participating.

The JDF, the organizers of the tournament, fought hard to grip the trophy firmer for the third consecutive season.

Six-a-side hockey is a modified version of the regular eleven-a-side game where the team that makes the least mistakes normally wins.  

Although hockey in Jamaica could be classified as an unpopular sport, never to be out done is the rivalry between JDF and other teams.  

After Saturday’s set of games, the men were separated from the boys as the two top teams in the island made it to the finals.   The marching men of the JDF, being the defending champions, put aside their military routine to defend the coveted title.

Circus Circle came out in full flight to dethrone the JDF, but the JDF is a team that never glorifies mediocrity.   The understanding that “united we stand and divided we fall” is always mentioned.  Skill, agility, fighting spirit and the will to win are principles that the team lives by.

The games lasted forty minutes; twenty (20) minutes per half with a five-minute break between halves.   At the end of the game, the JDF emerged champions for the third consecutive season.  

JDF team celebrating their victory, members indicating the third consecutive win with three fingers.

Circus Circle, although not pleased with their performance, were gracious in defeat as they congratulated the JDF team for winning.

If asked, the ingredients to this continued success, we will sing pride, dedication and hard work.

The JDF made a clean sweep of the awards; Private Jerome Davis was adjudged the leading goal scorer. The Most Valuable Player went to Corporal Marlon Martin and the best goal keeper award went to Sergeant Sheldon Brown.