Engineers Nail the Regiment!

by Staff Sergeant Daniel Chintersingh 
First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment

For two consecutive years, the three Infantry Units which had former glories have been denied the sweet taste of ultimate victory as they have been battered by the Engineer Regiment in the Force Boxing Championship held over the period 17-19 March 2010. The exciting annual event which was staged at Lathbury Barracks, Up Park Camp, culminated on Friday 19 March and received massive supporter-turnout from across the Force, and a more than expected number of civilian guests.

Boxing champions, 1 Engr Regt (JDF) (centre) holding the winning Challenge Cup

Boxing provides the soldiers with an opportunity for personal growth and development by demonstrating courage in the face of adversity. This year’s Force Boxing Championship was dominated throughout with exciting performances by the Engineers who proved to the rest of the Force that they were indeed “technical and tactical.” By the end of the semi-finals over the first two days, 1Engineer Regiment (JDF) had firmly grasped control of the lead, and was now at the finals with sufficient points, including six of eight finalists, that would guarantee them victory.

Ordinary Seaman Joel Allen, the lone finalist from the JDF Coast Guard,
receiving the Most Gallant Loser awardpresented to him by the Chief of Defence Staff.

Of great significance during the finals was the showing of the JDF Coast Guard representative, Ordinary Seaman Joel Allen.  He fought on with great courage, determined not to let his opponent knock ‘the wind from out of his sails’.  He was later adjudged the Most Gallant Loser.   His opponent, Private Raymon Sinclair, who only returned to the island three weeks ago after completing a tour of duty in Haiti, was adamant on winning his fight even with the constraint of a short period of time to train.   In celebrating his victory, Private Sinclair credited his success to his coach, a strong sense of determination, extrinsic motivation and rigorous training hours that included three training periods each day.  The top boxing coach award went to Lance Corporal (LCpl) Curton Jennings of 1Engineer Regiment (JDF) for having the most boxers in the finals.

LCpl Curton Jennings receiving his award for
Top Boxing Coach being presented to him by the Chief of Defence Staff.

On the announcement of Private Shane Brown of the First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment (1JR) on being adjudged the Most Outstanding Boxer, a great sense of delight permeated the 1JR camp.  The Unit’s supporters became jubilant (shouting “charge-eh, charge-eh, charge”) that some amount of unit-pride had been retained even at third place with 24 points.  Their desired ‘end state’ of a second place, was captured by Support and Services Battalion (Sp and Svcs Bn) having amassed a total of 28 points  One could almost feel the sense of defeat that emanated from the 2JR camp especially when their last hope was dashed against the ‘ropes’.  It was agonizing that their Regimental March would not be sounded.

Private Shane Brown (blue and yellow) from
1JR in the decisive fight that made him the Most Outstanding Boxer.

In his address to the gathering, the Chief of Defence Staff Major General Stewart Saunders congratulated    1Engr Regt (JDF) for winning the championship, especially with a wide margin of points (47) and lauded the organizers for the excellent job they performed in making the event a success.  

According to visiting members from the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control, the event was staged to international standards with all the accoutrements of digital recording, instant scoring systems, technical skills and qualified referees.