Civilian Sports Day

Braving the hot sun and dust at the Jamaica Defence Force Mini Stadium members of the Jamaica Defence Force Civilian Staff turned out to take part in their Sports Day on Friday 27th November 2009.

The event got off to a late start but gained momentum with the running of the sack race and the 100m heats.

Champion female athlete Rochel Valentine (R) powering to victory in the 100m final.

The staff members got a chance to participate in the over fifty race, the three legged race and the egg race which brought loud cheers from everyone present.

After a number of other interesting events it was time for the tug-o-war competition.This was won by purple house who pulled their opponents all over the stadium.

After the tug-o-war competition, it was time for the most anticipated event of the day, the cheer leading competition.

Every year this event gets more and more interesting as members of each house get a chance to show off their creative minds.

After some well coordinated routines it was red house that came out on top with twenty seven points, followed by yellow house with twenty five points.

Members of the winning house red house showing what makes
them winners in the cheer leading competition.

The event which is in its third year was well accepted by those who turned out.

 “We are advancing and each year it is getting bigger and better,” said Miss Sonia Smikle Civilian Personnel Officer.

"Because of its success each year we are planning to make it an annual event," she went on to say.

Yellow House came out winners with sixty one points followed by blue house with fifty four points. 

The champion athletes were Rochel Valentine, Mark Peters and Orette Ross. 

Champion male athlete Mark Peters (c) showing why he is the star of the Sports Day.