Founded in 1948, The International Military Sport Council (CISM) is a one hundred and thirty three (133) nation international military sports organization.  Jamaica re-established membership with CISM in 2001 and since then has actively participated in the organization at the regional, continental, and world level.

The objective of CISM is to promote sport activities and physical education between armed forces as a means to foster world peace.  CISM Day is celebrated globally on the 18 Feb.  The organization’s motto is “Friendship Through Sport”.

The JDF held its 2010 CISM Day Run on Sat 20 Feb which involved a Thousand-Man-Run comprising members of the Armed Forces, Jamaican Police, and Cadets.   At the completion of the run, civilians from inner-city communities where the JDF operates were invited to participate in a number of sporting activities (Netball, Volleyball and Football).

The success of this year’s staging of the CISM Day Run was enhanced through the kind support of our main sponsor the Jamaica Defence Force Credit Union, as well as Peak Bottling Company and Lasco Distributors Limited.

Commencement of the JDF's 1000-Man CISM Day Run held on Sat 20 Feb 10.

Participants of the JDF's 2010 CISM Day Run exiting the Military
Establishment at Up Park Camp, Kingston.

Participants performing cool down stretching exercises after
the 1000-Man CISM Day Run 2010.

Col Rocky MEADE awarding participants after the completion of
the JDF's 2010 CISM Day Run and Sporting Activities.

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