By LCpl Juliet Clarke, HQ JDF (Civ/ Mil Co-op)

Jamaicaís representatives (L-R):Lt Melicia Sinclair, Maj Paulette
Thomas, SSgt Jennifer McKenzie, Pte Saneka Thomas and LCpl Juliet Clarke (front).

The Royal Military College in Kingston, Canada, was decorated with flags of 23 countries when the opening ceremony of the First International Military Sports Council (CISM) Women Symposium Week commenced on 16 Jun 08. 

The event, which ended 20 Jun 08, was filled with activities that depicted the different sports played by women in CISM.   CISM’s motto, ‘friendship through sports’ was evident throughout.  It was an inspiring experience to see persons from across the world find common ground through sports. 

The organizers of the symposium, headed by Maj Paulette Thomas, who received the Grand Knight Award, have been planning the week-long events for over one year.   Some of the sports participated in were fencing, ultimate frisbee, shooting and soccer-baseball.

The aim of the symposium was to organize, discuss and implement sporting activities in which women played a part and to set future goals. CISM started in 1949 with four countries. Today there are over 123 countries involved in the military world games.