Press Releases


Caring for the Retired

Second Lieutenant Marie Henry
Headquarters, Jamaica Defence Force

The Jamaica Defence Force continues to contribute to the welfare of veterans at Curphey Home in Manchester. On 06 February 2010, forty members of the JDF Air Wing visited the residence of retired servicemen and women who served in World Wars I and II.  

As serving members of the JDF Air Wing and their families journeyed from Up Park Camp, Kingston to the cool hills of Mandeville to visit the aged ex-service members, the event brought smiles on the faces of the veterans. 

It was a day of treat and pampering for the ex-service members.  Members of the JDF Air Wing, led by the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Geoff Roper, got down to business as they rolled their sleeves up to give the Curphey Home residents well needed grooming, in the form of cutting of hair and nails.

The residents received gifts of basic toiletry and hygiene items.  They were also treated to a sumptuous meal prepared by cooks from the JDF Air Wing at Foster Barracks in Mandeville.

Other help was offered to the Home in the form of minor repairs to the building. Following the visit, a recommendation was made to effect repairs, in future visit, to the water fountain which is located at the front of the property. It is believed that this will improve the aesthetic appeal of the grounds and afford the veterans an avenue for relaxation.

The retired members enjoyed the opportunity to share and relate their past experiences with the younger generation.

The Unit saw it of great value to give serving members of the JDF Air Wing and their families an opportunity to interact and learn from the experiences of the veterans currently living at Curphey Home. The visit was also an opportunity for the JDF Air Wing to give back to the persons who gave valuable service for many years to the JDF and by extension the country.

The JDF Air Wing is not the only unit that extends a hand of love and care for the elderly; it is also customary for the other units to schedule a visit for Curphey Home on their calendars each year.