Jamaica Defence Force Family

Outstanding Achievements

Since her early years in school, twelve-year-old Shauna-Kay Roberts had shown signs that she would be an outstanding student by the results she had received in her exams.

Shauna-Kay is the daughter of Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Hamroy Roberts who works at Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force.   “Shauna-Kay works very hard at school,” said her father.  Sometimes she gets a little complacent but I usually put her back on track.

A past student of the Kingsway Preparatory School, Shauna-Kay performed excellently in Mathematics where she scored 97%.   She also did very well in Science, refusing to accept any grade below 90%.

Over the years at school she has received numerous awards for performing well in her exams.   This year she was awarded ‘Top Grade Six Student’, an award which she said she cherishes a lot.  “I felt very special and proud of myself for doing so well in school and for receiving this award,” she said.

She explained that her achievements came through sheer hard work. “When I come home from school in the evenings I would take a thirty-minute break, after which I would go to my room to revise all that I had done in class during the day.  Sometimes I do things in class which I don’t understand so when I reach home I get a chance to go over them with my mother,” said the honour student.

She attributed part of her success to the role her mother plays.   According to Shauna-Kay, all her life she wanted to attend Wolmer’s School for Girls with the help of her mother who wouldn’t let her forget her dream.

“I find my sister to be a very hard worker,” said young Shawn Roberts.  He said he studies with her sometimes and asks her a lot of questions to keep her on her toes.   Shawn, who is now in Grade 3, wants to follow in his sister’s footsteps.

“I find Shauna-Kay to be a very assertive person; she takes little or no time to grasp things.  Both her mother and I don’t have to force her to do anything; whatever she plans to do in life we will support her,” said WO2 Roberts.

In her spare time, Shauna-Kay enjoys reading and watching television, in the future she said that she hopes to become either a meteorologist or a gynaecologist.