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"Mission Accomplished!"
Jamaica Defence Force GSAT whiz kids.

Story by Private Tradeen Foster, Miss Jodi-ann Reid and Mr. Wade Brown

What does Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) officer Captain Markland Lloyd and soldiers Corporal Adrian Moore and Lance Corporal Denzil Grandison have in common aside from the obvious? Well they may all be proud members of the protective arm of the state, but these men now have something else to beam about. All three are currently celebrating the remarkable success of their children in the March 2013 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). Though known to be men of a somewhat serious and firm demeanor, the proud fathers could not help but flash bright and warm smiles as they recount the preparations, difficulties, and sacrifices leading up to the recently held exams, and the well deserved success that followed.

A proud Captain Markland Lloyd and daughter Catherine.
Catherine will attend Campion College in September after her outstanding performance in the GSAT exams.

For Capt Lloyd of the 1Engineer Regiment (JDF), his daughter Catherine's success came as no surprise as he boldly articulated that it was "expected". This level of confidence he attributes to her consistent excellent performance during her tenure at Dunrobin Preparatory School as well as the fact that she had been ready for the examinations since the fifth grade.

"She has been doing well since she started school," he remarked, "and so we weren't surprised when she attained 99% in Mathematics, 100% in Language Arts, 10/12 in Communication Task, 99% in Social Studies and 97% in Science." Catherine will be heading to Campion College come September, her first choice school. Proud of her achievements, the younger Lloyd made it clear that her accomplishment was the product of hard work. Confirming her father's claims, Catherine stated, "my parents made sure that my homework and extra readings were done and that the necessary materials were available".

Like Capt Lloyd, Cpl Moore, also of 1ER (JDF), was in a jubilant mood as he recounted how his son Adrian showcased nothing short of pure brilliance. Attaining 97% in Mathematics, 100% in Language Arts, 96% in Social Studies, 12/12 in Communication Task and 97% in Science, Adrian will also be attending Campion College. Demonstrating extreme confidence, Adrian remarked that "he was certain that his hard work would pay off and these high quality results would be received.

A proud Corporal Moore and son Adrian who attained top scores in his GSAT exams
and will be attending Campion College in the new school year.

" The beaming Cpl, who looked on proudly, expressed that he was very confident and anticipated these results from his son but was admittedly a bit nervous in awaiting the examination results. Referring to himself as "the teacher at home", Cpl Moore recalled doing readings of his own, checking home work and supplying practice tests in an effort to ensure his son triumphed in the exams.

Though clearly prevalent in 1ER, the accomplishments within the JDF also extended to the training ground of the JDF Air Wing (JDF AW). LCpl Grandison was all smiles as he proudly spoke of his daughter's success. When asked about how he felt before the exam results, he boastfully responded, "Well I was very confident in her, I knew she could do it." His confidence was justified as Shanice Grandison copped 99% in Mathematics, 96% in Language Arts, 98% in Social Studies, 95% in Science and 11/12 in Communication Task, a performance which secured her a place at her first choice, DeCarteret College.

Lance Corporal Denzil Grandison and a beaming daughter, Shanice.
Shanice's accomplishments will take her to Decartret College in September.

A well-spoken Shanice did not fail to mention that her success was also the result of hard and consistent work which formed a study schedule involving extensive hours of studying, past papers and GSAT CD's.

In light of the dedication, time and effort made by both parents and the young scholars, it is without a doubt that their accomplishments were well deserved! Hats off to Capt Lloyd, Cpl Moore and LCpl Grandison who, though finding it difficult at times to balance their role in the JDF and their role at home, have applied themselves and struck the right balance enabling them to be there for their children. Hearty congratulations to the children of these proud and dedicated fathers Catherine Lloyd, Adrian Moore and Shanice Grandison on a 'mission well accomplished!'