Press Clippings

Citizens protest in C. Kgn

Calabar primary school, James Street, Central Kingston, had to close early yesterday afternoon, after residents of nearby communities blocked the entrance with burning debris.

The protest occurred minutes before the lunch break and the school authorities prevented the students from leaving the school compound, for their own safety.

The citizens were protesting a police operation in the area yesterday morning during which Flying Squad detectives arrested three men from James Street and two from Wildman Street.

A soldier yesterday trying to calm down irate residents of James Street, Central Kingston.   They had accused the police of being partial in arresting rival factions who have been shooting at each other since Monday.

Residents of James Street claimed the police had abused them and jailed innocent people from the community. Also, they claimed that whenever a shooting or murder occurred in the area, the police pressured them unfairly.

They took to the streets yesterday with placards, mounting several roadblocks and burning debris along James and Sutton streets and on Smith Lane, demanding "justice".

Reports are that on Monday a fragile peace existing between factions from Wildman and James streets was broken. Gang members shot at each other resulting in boundary lines being drawn and which are crossed at peril.

Heavily armed police and soldiers and a team from the Kingston Central Police Division led by Deputy Supt. Roy Blake, arrived early on the scene, escorting a fire truck into the area.

Burning debris were put out and articles used to block the road removed by Metropolitan Parks and Market workmen. DSP Blake said the police would patrol the area until peace returned.