General Overview
The Infantry

The Infantry units of an army are oftentimes viewed as the cutting edge of that army in battle.   Despite the modern developments of warfare, the Infanteer or foot soldier will likely continue to occupy an extremely important place in any future conflict as indeed, the Infantryman has played in all major military conflicts in the past.

The Infantrymen of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Jamaica Regiment are deployed operationally with various weapons and equipment.   However, their most effective and important weapons are the tactical abilities and applied intelligence of their junior leaders.   The training, motivation, and operational capabilities of these Infantrymen have been proven to be major assets of Jamaica and is continually relied upon to assist the Jamaica Constabulary Force restore and maintain law  and order in the country.  

The ability of the Infantry to adapt to changing conditions has been nothing short of phenomenal.   The Infanteer believes that he must be the master of his environment and therefore, he will exercise the mental discipline, determination, physical strength and the tactical prowess necessary to achieve this mastery.

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