Members of 2 JR participates in fire drills
Due to the destructive and unpredictable nature of fire it is important that along with the preventative measures, a comprehensive response plan be implemented to mitigate its effect should it occur. To this end 2 JR is dedicated to the timely and effective training of persons to respond to fires when they occur in an attempt to hold the fort until the experts arrive.

Lectures from External Presenters
In addition to field training, at various times lectures by external presenters are organized in an attempt to sensitize the members of 2 JR to the various systems and processes that are external to the JDF. The development of the complete person is paramount.

Obstacle Crossing
Throughout the process of completing military duties, it is highly possible that obstacles will be encountered. In the event that this possibility is realized, it is critical that these obstacles in no way hamper our ability to successfully complete our mission. There has been great commitment to ensuring that members of the Battalion are experienced at obstacle crossing both land and water based.

Riot/Crowd Control
The 21st century has seen the revolutionizing of the JDF and by extension its operations. In addition to jungle tactics the military has taken on Urban Operations in an attempt to stem the increase of crime in the country. As such it is inevitable that potentially hostile confrontations will occur with the general public and therefore the Battalion deems it necessary to conduct some amount of training in this regard.

Field Operations
The core of the military, that element that separates it from all other law security groups is its ability to live, operate and be successful in the natural environment. To maintain this attribute it is necessary that constant training occur in the natural environment so that a state of familiarity, comfort and oneness may be achieved.