Battalion News

Clean Sweep

The Second Battalion The Jamaica Regiment (2 JR) stood proudly on stage at the Little Theatre on 11 November 2008 as it distinguished itself from the other battalions with a clean sweep of the prizes for the Choral Competition. The Maroon Machine had once again proven that hard work and a concerted team effort can make even the most difficult task achievable.

At the start of the evening’s proceeding, anxiety and anticipation loomed. One could hear the other battalions tuning their voices and putting final touches to their performances. Their harmonious sounds evicted any doubt that this year’s competition would be anything less than challenging.

2 JR had been working assiduously in order to perfect its performance, but, with several new changes to the arrangement, anxiety lingered heavily in the air. Anxiety and fears aside, 2 JR walked on stage at the Little Theatre and delivered a seamless performance, mixing the well known Bob Marley hit, ‘No Woman Nuh Cry’ with popular dance styles such as ‘Nuh Linga’, ‘Gully Creepa’ and ‘Sway’.

One choir member, Private Noelle Wisdom, stated “I had a strong feeling that we would have won because the performance flowed as planned”. Another choir member, Private Kenroy Maxwell, stated “…after the first rehearsal at the Little Theatre, it dawned on me that we had the potential and was capable of winning the trophy”.  

 2 JR’s epic showing at the Choral Competition would not have been possible without the excellent musical intuitiveness of the Choir Director, Mr.Hugh Douse.