Combat Engineers in Training

By Staff Sergeant Everton Haye,
1 Engineer Regiment (JDF)

Members of 2 Field Squadron, 1Engineer Regiment (JDF) are being trained on the construction of a bailey bridge.  Their instructor is Staff Sergeant Clive Grant who conducts the training at the bailey bridge training site in Up Park Camp.

Staff Sergeant Grant (right) instructs the engineers
on how to lift a section of the bailey bridge.

Bailey bridge construction comes under the purview of 2 Field Squadron, which is one of four squadrons that make up 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF).  A bailey bridge is a temporary solution that allows passage where there is difficulty accessing an area across a wide opening or a river.  A bailey bridge can be constructed and launched in a fairly short time, such as within a day, if all the necessary resources are in place, particularly manpower.

Movement of a section of the bailey bridge in progress.

1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) has this expertise as part of its capacity to provide mobility to the military. Outside of training, this skill has been applied in assisting the civilian population, upon the request of the Government, in accessing communities separated by wide openings that become impassable during heavy downpours. The most recently built bailey bridge was at the Yallas Fording in the parish of St Thomas.