1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) Unit Notice Board


Q1. Where can I get more information on 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF)?

A1. You can contact the Engineer Regiment Headquarters in Up Park Camp (Tel no 906-5159) or email questions to adjt.engr@jdf.mil.jm

Q2. What age do you need to be to join the 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF)?

A2. Typically, persons can join between the ages of 18 and 23 but the maximum age can vary dependent on qualifications such as the possession of an engineering-related degree.

Q3. Are there any physical restrictions?

A3. Persons should be in good physical condition with no serious medical conditions or chronic illnesses. There is no height restriction for Officers.

Q4. What qualifications do you need to join the Engineer Regiment?

A4. To join as an Officer you must have at least five (05) O’levels and two (02) A’ levels preferably in the sciences or technical subjects. Having a diploma or degree from a tertiary institution in an area related to the construction or engineering will be a great asset.

Q5. If I join with ‘A’ levels, will the JDF provide me with tertiary training?

A5. Persons with good results in Mathematics and the relevant science subjects may eventually be sent to the UK for Engineer Degree training. In addition persons may obtain degrees locally with JDF support or be allowed to pursue their studies privately. Tertiary studies normally come after young Officers have settled in the organization and developed adequate service knowledge.

Q6. What are some of the benefits of a career in military engineering?

A6. Extensive training locally and overseas; development of leadership and management skills; attractive and competitive remuneration package; good healthcare; opportunities for advancement within relevant disciplines

Q7. What kinds of careers are there?

A7. There are vacancies for Construction Engineers and Construction Managers, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, and Project Managers.

Q8. Are jobs in the 1Engineer Regiment (JDF) just for men?

A8. No, jobs are available for both men and women.

Jamaica Defence Force Needs

Jamaica Defence Force NEEDS Young And Motivated
Quantity Surveyors
Construction Managers
Land Surveyors

Gain the opportunity to be trained in the finest military institutions in the UK or other countries and serve as an Engineer Officer in the Jamaica Defence Force.

For application info call us at 906-5159/968-4084

Visit our web site at    www.jdfmil.org

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1Engineer Regiment
Jamaica Defence Force
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