1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) 15TH Anniversary Celebrations

By Staff Sergeant Everton Haye,
1 Engineer Regiment (JDF)

1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) celebrated its 15th anniversary on 01 April 2007 with a church service and brunch at the Garrison Church and the newly refurbished dining facility in Up Park Camp. The celebrations were attended by serving and ex-service members, families and friends.

In his address, the Acting Commander Officer, Major P St C Risden reiterated the fact that the Regiment had been undertaking projects for the National Housing Trust and other government entities from the past to the present. He said that the quality of the projects with which the Unit have been associated is something to be proud of.

The Regiment created history by being the first to utilize the newly refurbished dining facility, the Force Catering Centre, in its entirety. Everyone expressed pleasure at the appearance of the facility and hoped that it will be properly maintained. The sumptuous meal was enjoyed by everyone that was present.