Ex-Soldiers Association On Working Trip

By Staff Sergeant Everton Haye,
1 Engineer Regiment (JDF)

The Canadian Chapter of the Jamaica Ex-soldiers Association (JESA) was on a working trip in Jamaica under the leadership of its President, Mr. Anthony Britton, which began on 15 June 2007.

JESA's trip assists the Association effort to fulfill a mandate given at their last Annual General Meeting to support Curphey Home, a retirement home for Jamaican war veterans from world wars 1 and11. The mandate also advocates that the members identify another needy charity such as a children’s home which the Association would support.

A field trip to the Jamaica Defence Force was also part of the JESA’s visit program and involved members of JESA visiting various units of the Force, including 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF), interacting with serving members, and sharing information about the Association.

It was not by chance that the group visited 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF), as that Regiment plays a very important role in the maintenance of Curphey Home. It is foreseeable therefore that a strong link will be maintained between 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) and JESA.